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02 Jun 2014

Robot Vacuums a Sign of Laziness?

I've been an advocate of utilizing technology towards saving time. I love technology and gadgets of all size and shapes. I love my smartphone, I cant do without my laptop, and heaven forbid the internet moves down! Household gadgets do not have the same glitz and glamour or bragging rights but they're very useful however. Bobsweep

A robotic vacuum cleaner is really a small machine you are able to quickly created hoover your house. They are very easy to use and incredibly effective cleaners. Their compact size allows them to get under furniture and into difficult to reach spots. They may be pretty effective in relation to their cleaning ability too.

This is not completely new technology, but because with a lot of tech is takes a several years before it gets refined and works as well as you want. Robotic vacuums have now reached this level. They work well enough for us normal folk in order to make use of them and stay pleased with the final results. The sensitive issue of price is also becoming less prohibitive.Bobsweep The same as the classic plasma screen situation, when they first attain the market we've got the technology is pricey as a result of cost of research and development, and low production volume. Once product sales increases, and economies of scale start working the purchase price is able to drop.

Back to the original question - no, they aren't a sign of laziness. Buying a machine to execute a somewhat mundane and relatively simple chore allows you to invest your time in some thing rewarding. This may be working on your business, exercising, socialising or just taking a time out and relaxing.


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